Cooker Control Panel


Additional information

The elegant, easy-to-use control panel offers extensive control and monitoring features

The push-and-hold start/stop feature protects the system from accidental starts and stops. The new, LED-illuminated panel can be either flush mounted or bezel mounted while retaining its thermostatic sensing capability.

Control panel properties

Smooth, intelligent PI-thermo control option
Wallas PI-thermo control is in operation in the heating mode and when the thermostat control has been activated. The PI-thermo control adjusts the heater function of XC Duo to heat up fast, and after that it keeps the effect of the heater even to assure smooth inside temperature without sudden power changes. See the animation about how it works.

Manual control option
The stove or heater can also be controlled by a simple rheostat in the manual control mode.

Sun switch
The Sun Switch feature reduces energy use by automatically stopping the heater when weather conditions elevate cabin temperatures. The Sun Switch will shut the heater down if cabin temperatures stay more than 7 degrees C above the thermostatic set point for more than 30 minutes.

Accidental start-stop feature
Accidental starts or stops of the heater are prevented by a two-second start/stop button delay.

Flush-mount and bezel-mount options

  • Sample picture of the flush-mounted panel

  • Sample picture of the surface-mounted panel



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