Excellent air volume capacity!

 In our Wallas 40Dt 4 kW diesel heater, close attention has been paid to efficient blower output.

In addition to the efficient blower effect, our brushless combustion blower and high quality main blower assure long lifetime.

Due to laminar burn process, combustion noise cannot be heard from the exhaust pipe, so the boat next to yours can also enjoy silence in the harbor.

When one warm air duct is lead to the front, the heating capacity is sufficient for even 15 m boats.

40 Dt can be installed into a engine compartment. With the help of two air inlets you'll get fresh air and strengthen the heating effect. This results from taking fresh air from outside and cabin air from inside to circulate the heat.

Wallas Remote Control allows you to heat up your boat remotely.



  • The high quality ventilation fan of the 40 Dt has enough power to efficiently heat boats up to 15m.


  • The blowing sounds of the device can be reduced even more with an accessory silencer.
  • Laminar combustion assures that your neighbor's in boats next to yours people can also enjoy the silence of nature.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unit here and get 3rd year of warranty.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is carefully tested before delivery.




Remote control
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